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Specialized Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Precision and Prompt Delivery


Leveraging the power of Fronius TIG and MIG welding systems, renowned for their superior technology and performance. We are committed to harnessing the power of automation and robotics, continually investing in cutting-edge equipment to enhance our capabilities. This fusion of human skill and advanced technology ensures the delivery of top-tier results for your project. Our willingness to learn and adapt to new techniques underscores our dedication to providing you with the best possible solutions in sheet metal fabrication.

Laser Cutting

Using the power of advanced CAD programming to transform your ideas into tangible realities, our team of creative problem solvers excels at devising innovative strategies to achieve the desired job outcomes. We're not just committed to delivering precision and speed with our state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, but we're also passionate about learning and growth, ensuring we stay at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication. 

Metal Forming

Using advanced metal forming techniques to bring your vision to life. Our services encompass bending, rolling, and stamping, using the state-of-the-art brake presses with automatic tool changing. This cutting-edge technology enables us to offer quick prototyping, low volume, and high volume turnaround, catering to your unique needs. Our commitment to innovation doesn't stop there; we're integrating robotics into our processes to enhance precision and efficiency.

Industries We Serve

We offer our specialized sheet metal fabrication services to diverse sectors such as agriculture, aerospace, energy, construction, entertainment, food, hospitality, manufacturing, mining, telecommunications, transport, defense, and healthcare. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality, personalized service, ensuring each project is executed with precision and delivered promptly


2017-03-07 003.JPG

Fronius MIG / TIG

Cold Metal Transfer

Robotics Automation

CoC Documentation

Spot Welding


Stainless Steel

Mild Steel




Laser Cutting


3kW High Speed Fiber Laser

60" x 120" Sheet Size

High Volume Automation

Tolerances up to +-.001

Skilled Programming

Cost Effective System

Aluminum =< .50"

Stainless Steel =< .50"

Mild steel =< 1.00"

Copper =< .3125"

Brass =< .3125"

Titanium =< .3125"


P9091509 copy.jpg

100 Tonne Press

48 x 120 Sheet Size

Best for Perforations

Forming Tools


Brewery Vessels

Aluminum =< .1875"

Stainless Steel =< .08"

Mild steel =< .10"

Copper =< .125"

Brass =< .125"



100 Max Tonnage 

116" Maximum Length

Angle Tol. +-.5 deg

Length Tol. +- .01

High Accuracy Gauges

Automatic Crowning

3D Model Assisted

Automatic Tooling

Thickness Max .3125"

Hemming and Rolling

Click Here for Bending Material / Specs



Complex Assemblies

Hardware Insertion


Powder Coating

Finishing Services


Time Saver Sanding

Conformance Testing

Software Guided Quality Adherence

Automated Packaging and Labelling

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