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The Heart of Fortifab

Our Story

Our Team comprises experienced metal fabricators, with our owner, Frank Kaulbars, at the helm. Frank began his journey in the industry under the guidance of his father, Siegfried Kaulbars, who started his metalworking journey in Berlin, Germany, before emigrating to Canada with his wife Gisela and starting his own metal spinning company in Delta BC (right picture). This legacy of metal fabricating has been carried on with Fortifab Metals Inc., bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality, service, and value.


Our mission is to create durable, high-quality goods for discerning customers, fostering a top-notch company culture that values collaboration, listening, and feedback. We aim to implement the best manufacturing practices to achieve the desired quality, complexity, and price point.


Our vision is to become a central hub for sheet metal manufacturing on the west coast of Canada and the cascade region, supporting our clients' growth and considering them integral members of our team. We are committed to ensuring our clients feel respected, understood, and valued, with a team that is passionate about reducing lead times, increasing product quality, and finding innovative ways to meet customer needs.


We are committed to ensuring our clients feel respected, understood, and valued. Our team is passionate and personable, always seeking to reduce lead times and increase product quality. We understand that our partnerships make us an invaluable extension of your company. Therefore, we always look for new ways to improve our quality, maintain high inspection integrity, and come up with creative ways to fulfill our customers' needs. From design inception to the finished product, we offer a fast turnaround and strive to resolve client problems immediately. We respect the privacy, security, and confidential information of our clientele and continually learn and grow.

At Fortifab Manufacturing Inc., our mission is to provide sheet metal fabrication services of the highest quality to our clients. We are committed to using the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our clients receive products that meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

Core Values


At Fortifab Manufacturing Inc., we are constantly striving to innovate and improve our services. We believe that our ability to stay ahead of the curve is what sets us apart from our competitors.


We believe that transparency is key to building strong relationships with our clients. That's why we always keep our clients informed throughout the entire fabrication process.


We believe that our clients should have easy access to our services. That's why we offer a range of options to help our clients get the products they need, including online ordering and customized solutions.

Join Us!

We invite you to join us in expanding our businesses within our ever-closer growing globe. We are available for our clients anytime, striving to provide reduced lead times, responsive and attentive service, higher product integrity, and a willingness to do that difficult job and put in the extra effort when the time calls. Having good client relations is important to us, and we want high-quality clientele, valuing our clients as an important cog in our business. Contact us in Langley, BC, so we can identify your needs today​

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